Disadvantages of Smart Home Technology in 2023

Disadvantages of Smart Home

Interested in investing in smart home technology? First, understand the disadvantages of smart home technology. This is important so that you don’t make hasty decisions.

Smart home technology is said to be very effective in simplifying our daily activities. The reason is, you can arrange all the furniture in the house only through your cellphone or even your voice.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smarthome is actually a reflection of a technology-based home. Where the embedded technology functions to manage and control the home automatically remotely, from anywhere and anytime.

How Smart Home Works?

Smart home system devices are connected to every alternative and can be accessed through one main destination, especially smartphones, tablets, laptops or game consoles.

Door locks, televisions, thermostats, CCTV, cameras, lights and even appliances like refrigerators can be controlled through one home automation system.

The systems are installed on mobile devices or alternative network devices. The user will schedule the exact time as the shooting changes to apply, so the system is better so far.

Smart home systems are equipped with computer science so they will study the homeowner’s schedule and make changes.

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One of the things that many homeowners apply is lighting management which allows owners to reduce electricity usage and enjoy energy value savings.

Some of home systems alert the owner if motion is detected inside the home while the occupants are away. whereas an alternative system in a home system would be to contact the authorities such as the police or the hearth department, if a scenario is imminent.

Disadvantages of smart home

Once connected, services such as doorbells, security systems, and alternative home system devices can either become part of internet of things (IoT) technology or a network of physical objects that will collect and share electronic information.

Security and potency are the main reasons behind the increasing use of it. Home systems will feature wireless, programmable or respectively.

Knowing Disadvantages of Smart Home Technology

The disadvantages of smart homes need to be a concern for those who are interested in property investment.

The property business is indeed promising and the price is estimated to last, even increasing every year. This is because property has become a primary need.

The comfort and security of housing is very necessary. You can start a property business by investing. When investing, you can minimize capital.

This business has a great opportunity, especially since smart home designs are becoming a trend.

But behind all the advantages, of course there are weaknesses that you must also understand.
It’s not only a matter of price, but also about its daily use.

For more details, here’s a full review of some of the disadvantages of smart home technology.

1. Large Smart Home System Installation Capital

Installing smart home technology requires a large amount of capital

Installation of a wireless system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, while a wired system will cost around 1000 dollars.

Not to mention the price of each device that you will use later, such as lights, digital door locks, cctv cameras, and others.

If you are not ready for a large initial investment, then you should reconsider this desire.

2. Different Brand Different Operating System

The next weakness, you have to use products from the same manufacturer so that they can be integrated with each other. Let’s just say you use two different brands of smart lights, namely BARDI and Phillips.

Smarthome Automation

Then of course you need two different applications to control it. However, you can actually overcome this condition by using a third system such as Google Nest.

3. Smart Home Has Security and Bug Risks

Next, smart home systems also have security risks and bugs. The security risk in this case is not theft as in the general residence.

However, it refers to the user’s digital security, such as device access to personal data.This is because in cyberspace there are many black hackers who can hack your smart home system.

So make sure to always protect your device with a strong password and encryption.The best solution is to only connect crucial devices to one occupant.

4. Depends On Internet Connection

The next downside of smart home is that you depend on an internet connection. The reason is that every device must be connect to home Wi-Fi in order to operate.

For countries whose networks are often unstable, this is certainly the biggest obstacle. For example, at night the home internet network turns off, all smart lights at home may also go offline.

5. Technical Failure Risk

Finally, you must be prepared with the risk of a technical failure in the smart home system. Remember, any sophisticate technology can be damage both physically and systemically.

Especially if you’ve been using it for a long time at home. One error gap can be dangerous and interfere with your activities later.

For example, you install a digital lock and the system error, you might be lock inside or outside the house.

6. Great Power Required

One of the advantages of smart home technology that is often discuss is energy savings. But on the other hand, the device requires a large amount of electrical power to operate.

smarthome power requirements

If the home’s electrical power is low, it will certainly not be able to meet the needs of all existing smart devices. Therefore, make sure to increase the electrical power first before installing a smart home system.


Related to disadvantages of smart home technology, must be very vulnerable to damage. Because it is undeniable that those of you who already have smart home technology will encounter the same thing above.

To minimize it we must always obey the policies offered in the product. Meanwhile, you also have to always check and service so that unwanted things happen.

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